The Billabong Surf Camp is located in the centre of Corralejo, a small town in the north of Fuerteventura. Corralejo is a lively town with a lot of nice surf bars, shops, restaurants and activities to do. Once a traditional fishing village, the town has grown significantly in the past few years but even though many new buildings have been built, Corralejo has kept a great charm. You find a good mix of modern and traditional.





One of our favourite activities in Corralejo is of course surfing! Corralejo is often described as the surfing capital of Fuerteventura, with several surf spots in town and many others within a short distance. Corralejo is an ideal base for exploring all the surf spots in the northern part of the island. In addition, there are many surf shops in town where you can buy and rent surf equipment for reasonable prices. The city has a very relaxed atmosphere and there are plenty of bars for surfers. Read more about the surf in Fuerteventura here.


Other water activities

Besides surfing, there is a variety of water sports activities to choose from in Corralejo : boat & catamaran trips, diving, snorkelling, tours in Jetskis, sport fishing and much more.

The beach in front of the Billabong Surf Camp is great for windsurfing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, jetsurfing or snorkelling. A windsurf school and a shop for Jetsurf rentals are located only a few meters from the Camp. Just outside the city on the east side, there are great beaches for kitesurfing.

Gastro & nightlife

Corralejo offers a great choice of restaurants and bars. We definitely recommend to get some fresh seafood or tapas in one of the local restaurants in town but there are many good international options too. You also find some vegetarian & vegan restaurants.

After dinner, you can head to one of the numerous bars in Corralejo. A lot of them play live music in the evenings. There are also some night clubs in town if you wish to dance until the early morning hours.


Beach day

Relax on the beach! You find long and beautiful sand beaches with crystal clear waters along the shores of Fuerteventura. There are a few small beaches in Corralejo town and a lot of large ones just outside the city.



Corralejo is a great base from where you can explore the island. The fisher town el Cotillo or the ancient capital Betancuria are wonderful daytrip destinations. From Corralejo, you can also visit the neighbouring islands. The little island Lobos is accessible via a short ferry ride from Corralejo. To get to Lanzarote, you need around 35 minutes with the ferry.

What else to do in Corralejo? Discover more details and activities to do around Corralejo HERE.